Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anyone Can Do It

Mindfulness versus Meditation.

Most people I know give up on meditation before ever enjoying the benefits of it. Finding the time to do it is often difficult but by far the biggest reason people give up is because they can't get their mind... to stop thinking. The thoughts keep coming. It leads people to believe they aren't doing it correctly and therefore they give up.

When doing mindfulness meditation, the purpose is not to stop the thoughts. The goal is not to judge them, not to focus on them and to gently pull yourself back when your mind drifts.

I like the analogy of watching traffic on the highway. The cars keep going by. You watch the cars but you don't focus on each one. They just keep going by.

When practicing mindfulness, the goal is just let the thoughts go through you. NO judgment. NO tension. NO emotion attached.

Practicing mindfulness and self compassion change your brain and help create new patterns to help reduce the stress that has built up. Some of the best Universities in the U.S. are currently studying all the changes that occur from practicing mindfulness. The results have been groundbreaking!

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