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Have you been told the truth? Learn the truth about childhood Ear Infections and common infections

Ears, Antibiotics, and Asthma…Yet Another Perfect Storm
This article was written by Dr. Tony Ebel, Epic Pediatric Chiropractor


Definitely worth the read for people who care about Children.
Empowering, Educational and FACT!

It’s still just plain crazy to me that I even have to write about this. The understanding and facts behind this topic are so clear, and have been for so long, that I just can’t believe everyone doesn’t know this yet. It’s appalling parents aren’t given the facts because the research is clear.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about the clear, and all too commonly seen path from childhood ear infections to lifelong asthma and immune challenges.
It starts with the way we birth and deliver babies
This should be, and will be, a whole paper on it’s own… but for this topic, let’s keep it simple. For thousands of years kids were brought into this world WITHOUT the need for “intervention and induction” and also WITH the help of gravity. Was every birth perfect and non-complicated? Nope. But 30-40% or more of them didn’t end with anesthesia, surgical tools, and a baby being pulled out by their head and neck either.
I’m starting off talking about the birth process, because it’s where the most common injury to the upper neck, brainstem, and cranial areas occurs. It’s the first “kink” that occurs, and it sets the stage for the rest of the path to develop. As you’ll see, one problem leads to another, and it just keeps going.
When there is strain, tension, pulling and stress placed on the child’s head and neck during the birth process, it very commonly leads to something called a subluxation. I like to explain subluxation as having three parts – misalignment, fixation (“stuck”), and nerve interference/irritation. All three of those components are at play in this situation.
The greater the amount of intervention during the birth process (induction, forceps, vacuum, C-section, etc.), the greater the likelihood of a significant subluxation to the upper neck and brain stem area. Is it an ‘absolute’ situation? No, few things are… but in my 7 years of clinical experience, I can tell you it’s a very, very strong correlation.
How Childbirth Relates to Ear Infections
As we move forward, those three components of the subluxation lead to two main problems that cause and contribute to ear infections:
  1. Poor “plumbing” or drainage
  2. Lowered (weakened) neuro-immune function
When there is physical trauma to the neck in-utero, during birth, or from a fall early in life it creates that “kink” in close proximity to the “drain pipes” coming from the ears, sinuses, and head. Specifically, the top two vertebra share a lot of nerve supply, muscles, and structures with the inner ear and sinuses.
If you “kink” those vertebrae you start to “clog” the drainage of the surrounding structures. In this case, that includes not just the ear, nose, and throat regions… but the lymphatics that drain the head and neck as well.
You see, pediatricians still today give the ‘explanation’ to parents that “early in life the Eustachian tubes are just more horizontal, and for some kids that’s worse than others” and so on and so forth. Well, they are right… sort of. Those tubes are more horizontal early in life, but that’s because they were designed that way!
Gravity plays far less of a role in actually draining the fluid from our ears than does one other major factor: MOVEMENT.
You see, when those two ‘physical’ components of the subluxation occur, misalignment and fixation, not only does it “clog” up the actual physical space in the ears and sinuses and lymphatics… but it’s the FIXATION part that really messes things up. When those vertebrae get jammed and “stuck” from that early physical trauma, now they don’t move around as easily or as much… and therefore, they don’t do their job in helping move fluid out of the ear and sinuses.
So finally, the longer that fluid is allowed to sit in the inner ear, the greater the chance that “bad guys” like viruses (most of them) and bacteria set up shop, replicate, and cause an infection.
EustachianAnd on top of all that, because that region of the brainstem and spinal cord house and protect a very important “hard drive” and “operating system” for our immune system… when we have a subluxation there, we can have compromised immune function.
So if you have bad plumbing and bad immune function, you have ear infections.

The Role of Antibiotics
But alas, that’s why we have a Walgreen’s and CVS on every corner filled with antibiotics of all shapes, colors, and sizes right!? All a parent needs to do is go their local pediatrician, urgent or immediate care, ER, or minute-clinic and talk for a few minutes, grab the prescription, and head out. And all is good then, right?
We’ve had plenty of research since about the 1980s that first off, antibiotics don’t work very well for ear, sinus and respiratory infections. And second, they don’t come without side effects. Not only are there short-term side effects such as stomach pain and diarrhea in a lot of kids, but the long term ones are even worse.
Some studies have shown that for each antibiotic given to a child in the first year of life, it increases their risk of things like asthma and allergies 2-4x. Plus, it can also lead to resistance and actually INCREASE the risk of re-occurrence.
Even the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends a watch and wait approach. “Updated American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) clinical practice guidelines address the diagnosis and management of uncomplicated acute otitis media (AOM) in children aged 6 months to 12 years. The new recommendations, which offer more rigorous diagnostic criteria to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, were published online February 25 and in the March issue of Pediatrics.”
So if they’re known to not work well, known to have short and long term side effects, and known to contribute to what is now a major public health crisis (antibiotic-resistant strains or “super bugs”)… then why do they still get prescribed left and right by pediatricians and doctors of all sorts? Good question. I’ve been trying to find a LEGIMITATE answer to that question for 7 years.
My guesses and assumptions are this:
  • Ear, sinus, and respiratory infections account for nearly half of the visits to a pediatrician’s office. If they aren’t chiropractic friendly like our holistic pediatrician, the only thing they really have to offer from their “tool kit” is a script for antibiotics. If everyone knew the real issues and ineffectiveness of them and stopped going to their pediatricians for every ear ache, sniffle, and cough… they’d lose a lot of business.
  • Drug companies make a lot of money on the sales of antibiotics.
  • Since our whole system is still based upon the “germ theory” of disease, philosophically people/parents still think it’s what must be done.
  • Pediatricians are good people and want to help, as no one likes to see a kid suffer… and again, that’s the only “tool” they have.
Ok, so that’s it right? We now know that really ear infections are caused by bad “plumbing” and lowered neuro-immune function, and that the overuse of antibiotics are a pretty big problem… but that’s the end of the story right?
Wrong, again.
We are just getting started. Well, now that typical American kiddo who had a rough birth, has a “kink” in his neck, and keeps getting ear infections… finally has his or her doctor tell her parents that after 6-8 (or more) rounds of antibiotics…it’s time to get tubes put in.
So off they go down the street to one of the local ENTs, who are more than happy to help. So, they do.
The kiddo goes into the hospital, gets a “simple and routine” $15-20,000 surgery (but who cares if it was REALLY necessary, health insurance covers it!)… gets some ice cream afterwards (Oh, did I mention that dairy causes all sorts of mucus production and immune reactions and is a major problem with ear infections and other respiratory illnesses? Nope, I should have, because it does.)… and goes home.
Miraculously, the ear aches are gone!
But Where is the Fluid Going?
But alas, a few months or so later, the parents go walking by the kiddo’s room at night and hear him or her snoring and breathing really loudly. It sounds concerning and so who do they call? Yep, call the pediatrician again.
This time the pediatrician isn’t as concerned with the ears, but now says that the tonsils and adenoids are “swollen” and the kiddo has a strep infection. But hey, don’t worry! This one is actually bacterial a lot of the time, so you guessed it! MORE ANTIBIOTICS!
Well, as time progresses the snoring gets worse, the breathing more labored, and the strep infections more frequent. So finally that same pediatrician says to go back to the ENT and see about having his tonsils and adenoids removed.
So off you go to the ENT who is more than happy to oblige. I mean, did we really need all those extra body parts? They just hang out back there getting in the way right? Who needs them… So, back to the hospital. More surgery, more ice cream. By now you might see I’m hiding my anger behind sarcasm but behind the sarcasm are the facts, and the facts are that once the tubes are drilled into the ears and that fluid is forced out of them, it has to go somewhere. And where did it end up? You guessed it, right in the back of the throat and sinuses. That’s why the kid who used to have tons of ear infections, now has frequent sinus and strep infections, and a hard time breathing. But it has to end there, right? This kid can’t possibly have to suffer more?
If the subluxation (“kink”) is still in the neck and spine, so that the drainage and immune function is still compromised… and the same crap is going into the body making more mucus and inflammation (sugar, dairy, and grains mainly)… then the problem still exists, it just has to move elsewhere. And if the ears, nose, and throat no longer are clogged up… it has to keep moving “south” to the next stop.
And where is that next stop? Yep, the chest and lungs.
Asthma & Allergies Set in for the Long Haul
Essentially they are sick now every, single day of their life… Advair, Flovent, Singulair, inhalers, etc.  They can’t run without challenges, they can’t go outside without challenges. Spring and fall are nightmares for them due to “allergies” as they’re now called.
Basically, what started out as a short term, acute problem that could’ve been fixed for good with some improved plumbing and immune function (see: specific chiropractic adjustment) is now lifelong chronic illness and immune dysfunction. What was once a kid who struggled for a night or two with pain and discomfort, is now a kid who struggles every single day of their life.
It’s a “perfect storm” in it’s own right. It starts with one thing – a “kink” of the neck – that then combines with other factors and ingredients, and just keeps going.
These kids don’t need more antibiotics and they don’t need more surgeries. They need more facts. They need more doctors and pediatricians who will tell them the actual truth that antibiotics are not only mostly worthless in this case, they’re dangerous. Maybe while they are at it they will also tell them that pediatric chiropractic is neither worthless nor dangerous, but instead can be very beneficial and helpful for ear, sinus and respiratory infections. It’s safe, it’s natural, it has little to no side effects, and the results last.
If  you have a kiddo who is suffering, or if you know someone who does…. Please get that kid checked by a Pediatric Chiropractor to find out if they are subluxated. I’d make a very large bet that they are, and equally large bet that getting that kid checked and adjusted if needed, could be the difference of that kid having a life full of health and happiness, or sickness and suffering.

 I hope this was informative and will help you or someone you care about. Please forward to anyone you feel this could benefit.

Be well,

Dr. Mark Halpern

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is Texting the New Smoking?

Is Texting the New Smoking?

Yes, it 's that bad and harmful to your health!
While issues of spinal degeneration and postural changes have always been major concerns, they are now becoming even more prevalent. Many media sources are finally recognizing and discussing them. The term being used is "Text Neck". I have seen recent articles in the Washington Post as well as segments on the CBC and CBS. The term was obviously coined due to the overwhelming amount of people who regularly have their neck flexed for hours at a time while texting or using a handheld device. This posture increases the weight of the head and speeds up the degenerative process of the spine. The result is acute neck and back pain as well as a deterioration of peoples’ health, affecting the brain and entire nervous system.
One of the main things we focus on in our practice is correcting the cervical curvature in the neck (Text Neck) which relieves pressure on the spinal cord. This pressure and interference of communication between the brain and the body is the reason why recent articles and media exposure have mentioned the connection between Text Neck and heart disease, lung issues, depression, immune function and overall healing.
Eliminating stress on the brain is essential to all health. A stressed brain can not heal or allow the brain to function properly. When people get frustrated with their diets, medications and any number of treatment methods that don't seem to be working, in most cases it's not that they don't work, it's that these people have a communication issue between their brain and body. Once corrected, these methods have the opportunity to work. There is an avalanche of recent research showing the reason why Chiropractic works, regardless of the technique used. The fact is, a Chiropractic adjustment affects the brain and help neutralize stress. Research in the field of Neuroscience is developing quickly and will soon revolutionize our health care system. We must shift from a system built on “Sick Care” to one based on “Health Care”.
If you want to learn more, please use this link to some of our past workshops (password= stress). There is NO OBLIGATION! This information has to be shared because of how common it is and how many people can be helped.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

In the 1980's, as researchers started decoding human DNA, our genetic blue print, it was thought that we would be able to determine exactly how and why we look, act and feel. It was thought that we would be able to predict our future by understanding and knowing what genes we possess.

If we had the blue eyed gene, then we would have blue eyes. If we had the breast cancer gene, we would get breast cancer. If we had the Alzheimer's gene,,,,,, well you get where I'm going with this.

But what researchers found was something completely different. As Bruce Lipton discusses in his eye opening book The Biology of Belief, each strand of DNA is coated with  protein, and a gene will only express a specific trait if the protein opens a specific door or channel.  The new field of research was called Epigenetics and essentially disproved that our genes control our destiny. The question became, what caused the proteins to open up these doors and allow the gene to express itself? The answer was "Environmental Factors".  What is that you say? Trauma's, Toxins and Thoughts. Or said another way, Stress of any kind; Physical, Chemical, Emotional or Electromagnetic.

Each stressor challenges our brain and nervous system to adapt to it and when the stressor is prolonged or large enough to overwhelm the system, the system breaks down.  This is why it is so important to reduce stress and ensure you have balanced brain function.  Basing your health on how you feel is incredibly misleading. By the time stress has deregulated your brain and overwhelmed your nervous system, it may be too late.  Ask someone how they felt the day before a heart attack. Most people will tell you they felt just fine.

To learn more about Brain Based Care I 've posted a link to my workshop here.

Please contact me with any questions and if you've never had your nervous system check for stress I encourage you to make it a priority.

Be well,

Dr. Mark Halpern

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Moment you know Why you do what you do

The Moment you know Why you do what you do

It's 5am and you've been up all night with your little one.  No one has slept and you feel terrible because your child has been crying from pain or unable to breath because of congestion.  The fever has been as high as 103 and the medicine only works for a few hours.  Sound familiar? If you're a parent, then you've been through this.  It can make you feel helpless and if you're like me very conflicted with what to do.  The body produces the fever for a reason; to fight off the infection.  So giving medicine to reduce the fever makes no sense.  Yet, we don't want our kids suffering.

I've been adjusting my kids, literally since the day they were born.  Not because they've been sick, but to optimize the performance of their brain and nervous system. I want them to express their innate intelligence without any interference. In other words, I don't want them developing all the stress that most of us have over our lifetime, so they can live long, vital, productive lives.

My kids are now 6 (son) and 9(daughter), and I've watched how they respond when they get adjusted, how their power is turned on, and how quickly they heal. When my daughter was1 years old we were told she should be on antibiotics for 3-5 years because of an immature ureter. Are you kidding me?? We watched her diet, I adjusted her and she has never had another bladder issue since.

There was one time however that made a huge impact on me.  My son was just about three years old at the time.  He had been fighting the flu for approx. 12 hours and had barely slept.  He was lethargic, his skin looked yellow, his eyes were droopy, he wasn't talking but was crying and whining on and off. I tried to get him to sleep but it was difficult because he was sweating and his fever was elevating to over 103. He had no interest in reading, playing, watching TV or doing anything.  So I carried him in to my home office and adjusted him.............. All I can say is WOW!! Life Changing!! I just wanted to open my front door and tell the world.  Talk about finding a reason to do what you do.

He got up from the table by  himself with a bolt of energy, his coloring changed within about a minute, his eyes were wide open and he said "Daddy, can we go play?" It took another few hours for his fever to dissipate, but this was a different child.

When the nervous system and brain are under stress and when the communication between the brain and the body is cut off, there is no healing and the body breaks down.  When the communication is restored and the power is turned on, the body heals.  This is just as true for a newborn child as it is for a middle aged adult. Chiropractic adjustments reset the nervous system, balance the brain and allow the body and brain to communicate. 

The mission of my office is to improve the health of the families in our community.  It's safe, gentle and non-invasive.  And unlike other doctors, children love coming in to get adjusted.  They learn from an early age that health is a priority. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or book a complimentary consultation so we can discuss the health of your family.

Please watch below to see one of the great kids that gets care in the office.

Watch a 4 year old get adjusted in our office

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Usually I post links and ideas for things that I think will interest you, but today I just want to be very straight forward. What are you waiting for? Only 9% of our population is under regular Chiropractic care. And the majority of those people are getting care for their back pain or neck pain. Those symptoms are a warning signal, from your brain, that something else going on. They are the fire alarm but the fire is still raging. The FIRE in this case is Stress on your brain and nervous system. It has been building for decades and continues to get worse every day.

Health is not the absence of symptoms!! Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc, etc, start years before any symptoms occur.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not want people to suffer from symptoms, but dealing only with the symptoms is like removing the batteries from the fire alarm.

Health is your biggest asset. Not money. Not your house. Not your job. None of those things mean anything if you aren't healthy. Ask your kids. Would they rather have the nice car? Or would they rather have you?

When I discuss care people, the number one reason people don't get the care they need is money. So it raises a dilemma for me. Do I offer the care they think they can afford? Let them dictate how much care they need based on their symptoms? I could do that. In fact most Chiropractors unfortunately do that. I won't. Your health is too important. But I don't want to scare people either. How do I know if you'll have a disease tomorrow, next month or next year? What I can tell you is, that your brain is stressed out and it's leading to health problems. Most people know this.

Now if you came in to my office and I told you that you had heart disease. You'd change your habits and pay what's necessary. If I told you that you had cancer, you would pay whatever it costs. The same with liver disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc., etc.

Why are you waiting? If your nervous system is under stress and your brain can not function at its best, you are developing disease and dysfunction. It's really that simple and that scary.

So, ignoring the issue and telling people to come for a few visits to make them feel better is not the right answer. Scaring people and predicting gloom isn't the right answer either.

I don't know how your Brain is currently functioning or how much stress you are under, so the one thing I ask of you is go and get checked. If you don't live in Toronto or can not get to my office, let me know. I'll be happy to help you find someone to consult with.

The goal of my office is help people live the life of their dreams. At the heart of that is LIVE. Long health lives.