Thursday, May 1, 2014

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Usually I post links and ideas for things that I think will interest you, but today I just want to be very straight forward. What are you waiting for? Only 9% of our population is under regular Chiropractic care. And the majority of those people are getting care for their back pain or neck pain. Those symptoms are a warning signal, from your brain, that something else going on. They are the fire alarm but the fire is still raging. The FIRE in this case is Stress on your brain and nervous system. It has been building for decades and continues to get worse every day.

Health is not the absence of symptoms!! Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc, etc, start years before any symptoms occur.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not want people to suffer from symptoms, but dealing only with the symptoms is like removing the batteries from the fire alarm.

Health is your biggest asset. Not money. Not your house. Not your job. None of those things mean anything if you aren't healthy. Ask your kids. Would they rather have the nice car? Or would they rather have you?

When I discuss care people, the number one reason people don't get the care they need is money. So it raises a dilemma for me. Do I offer the care they think they can afford? Let them dictate how much care they need based on their symptoms? I could do that. In fact most Chiropractors unfortunately do that. I won't. Your health is too important. But I don't want to scare people either. How do I know if you'll have a disease tomorrow, next month or next year? What I can tell you is, that your brain is stressed out and it's leading to health problems. Most people know this.

Now if you came in to my office and I told you that you had heart disease. You'd change your habits and pay what's necessary. If I told you that you had cancer, you would pay whatever it costs. The same with liver disease, diabetes, kidney failure, etc., etc.

Why are you waiting? If your nervous system is under stress and your brain can not function at its best, you are developing disease and dysfunction. It's really that simple and that scary.

So, ignoring the issue and telling people to come for a few visits to make them feel better is not the right answer. Scaring people and predicting gloom isn't the right answer either.

I don't know how your Brain is currently functioning or how much stress you are under, so the one thing I ask of you is go and get checked. If you don't live in Toronto or can not get to my office, let me know. I'll be happy to help you find someone to consult with.

The goal of my office is help people live the life of their dreams. At the heart of that is LIVE. Long health lives.

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