Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Moment you know Why you do what you do

The Moment you know Why you do what you do

It's 5am and you've been up all night with your little one.  No one has slept and you feel terrible because your child has been crying from pain or unable to breath because of congestion.  The fever has been as high as 103 and the medicine only works for a few hours.  Sound familiar? If you're a parent, then you've been through this.  It can make you feel helpless and if you're like me very conflicted with what to do.  The body produces the fever for a reason; to fight off the infection.  So giving medicine to reduce the fever makes no sense.  Yet, we don't want our kids suffering.

I've been adjusting my kids, literally since the day they were born.  Not because they've been sick, but to optimize the performance of their brain and nervous system. I want them to express their innate intelligence without any interference. In other words, I don't want them developing all the stress that most of us have over our lifetime, so they can live long, vital, productive lives.

My kids are now 6 (son) and 9(daughter), and I've watched how they respond when they get adjusted, how their power is turned on, and how quickly they heal. When my daughter was1 years old we were told she should be on antibiotics for 3-5 years because of an immature ureter. Are you kidding me?? We watched her diet, I adjusted her and she has never had another bladder issue since.

There was one time however that made a huge impact on me.  My son was just about three years old at the time.  He had been fighting the flu for approx. 12 hours and had barely slept.  He was lethargic, his skin looked yellow, his eyes were droopy, he wasn't talking but was crying and whining on and off. I tried to get him to sleep but it was difficult because he was sweating and his fever was elevating to over 103. He had no interest in reading, playing, watching TV or doing anything.  So I carried him in to my home office and adjusted him.............. All I can say is WOW!! Life Changing!! I just wanted to open my front door and tell the world.  Talk about finding a reason to do what you do.

He got up from the table by  himself with a bolt of energy, his coloring changed within about a minute, his eyes were wide open and he said "Daddy, can we go play?" It took another few hours for his fever to dissipate, but this was a different child.

When the nervous system and brain are under stress and when the communication between the brain and the body is cut off, there is no healing and the body breaks down.  When the communication is restored and the power is turned on, the body heals.  This is just as true for a newborn child as it is for a middle aged adult. Chiropractic adjustments reset the nervous system, balance the brain and allow the body and brain to communicate. 

The mission of my office is to improve the health of the families in our community.  It's safe, gentle and non-invasive.  And unlike other doctors, children love coming in to get adjusted.  They learn from an early age that health is a priority. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or book a complimentary consultation so we can discuss the health of your family.

Please watch below to see one of the great kids that gets care in the office.

Watch a 4 year old get adjusted in our office

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