Thursday, October 30, 2014

In the 1980's, as researchers started decoding human DNA, our genetic blue print, it was thought that we would be able to determine exactly how and why we look, act and feel. It was thought that we would be able to predict our future by understanding and knowing what genes we possess.

If we had the blue eyed gene, then we would have blue eyes. If we had the breast cancer gene, we would get breast cancer. If we had the Alzheimer's gene,,,,,, well you get where I'm going with this.

But what researchers found was something completely different. As Bruce Lipton discusses in his eye opening book The Biology of Belief, each strand of DNA is coated with  protein, and a gene will only express a specific trait if the protein opens a specific door or channel.  The new field of research was called Epigenetics and essentially disproved that our genes control our destiny. The question became, what caused the proteins to open up these doors and allow the gene to express itself? The answer was "Environmental Factors".  What is that you say? Trauma's, Toxins and Thoughts. Or said another way, Stress of any kind; Physical, Chemical, Emotional or Electromagnetic.

Each stressor challenges our brain and nervous system to adapt to it and when the stressor is prolonged or large enough to overwhelm the system, the system breaks down.  This is why it is so important to reduce stress and ensure you have balanced brain function.  Basing your health on how you feel is incredibly misleading. By the time stress has deregulated your brain and overwhelmed your nervous system, it may be too late.  Ask someone how they felt the day before a heart attack. Most people will tell you they felt just fine.

To learn more about Brain Based Care I 've posted a link to my workshop here.

Please contact me with any questions and if you've never had your nervous system check for stress I encourage you to make it a priority.

Be well,

Dr. Mark Halpern

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